It is our mission to effectively support UK schools and colleges in their duty to look after the mental health and wellbeing of both children and staff.

We do this by providing cost-effective training and resources developed by experienced, industry-leading experts, which aim to tackle the growing issue of neglected mental health faced by schools up and down the country.

We have proudly provided training to over 500 schools and colleges, who have taken the proactive first steps to nurture and improve their environment of mental health and wellbeing. We strive to remain innovative and will continue to lead the way in developing new ways to support our schools.

Why us? Why now?

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The state of mental health in schools has reached crisis level.

1 in 10 children – 3 per classroom – has a diagnosable mental health problem. [1]

For children and teenagers aged between 5-19, suicide is the second most common cause of death, with record numbers of children contacting ChildLine last year.[2]

Children are unfortunately not the only victims, as 75% of all education staff have suffered mental health issues in the last two years and 53% of those felt the only solution was to leave teaching all together.[3]

These sobering statistics are a call to action and show that educational environments need to change, and fast.

We believe that our resources can help you lay the foundations for an educational environment which does not reduce children and staff to statistics and boxes which need ticking, but instead can help you foster wellbeing and mindfulness, creating an environment which cultivates productivity, resilience and above all – well-rounded, healthy, happy people.

The fact that you are reading this alone shows that you have recognised this need within your own institution and are ahead of the curve in attempting to tackle it. The government’s recent green paper – Whole school community mental health outlines that they too recognise this urgent need for attention. However, you cannot wait for them to act as this disregard of mental health cannot wait a minute longer.